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This post might be a little different from the rest. But, as for knowledge... we should take note on this matter. And nah, ni Nanie share a few info regarding renting a properties.

When you are looking for a new place to live, you really want to make sure that you do your research. You want to take some time to look into all of your different options. This is not something that you should do without putting in the effort and deciding what the best option is for you in your specific situation. Remember that you will be spending a lot of time in the place that you live, and you will be spending a lot of money to be there. You need it to be perfect. If you want to know the benefits of renting over buying a flat in Selangor, they are laid out below.

You Can Leave Whenever You Want

The main benefit to renting is that you are not locked into a fifteen-year plan or a thirty-year plan. If you have a month-to-month payment plan, you can literally leave whenever you want. Even if you have to sign a twelve-month lease, you still have a lot of freedom. This is good if you are a tourist and you move around the world a lot. It allows you to visit all the wonderful places across the world instead of just within a certain radius of your home. Also, the cost of renting an apartment is much cheaper in comparison to buying one. You cannot change your own apartment frequently, but you may need to do so. With a rented property you can chance your address anytime you want. The reason may be anything.

You Do Not Have To Do Maintenance

Another one of the benefits of renting over buying a flat is that the landlord will do the maintenance for you. Even if he does not do it himself, he will pay to hire someone to do it. Since he owns the building, he is responsible for the upkeep. When you own a home, you have to do all of this yourself. It can be very expensive, and it can also be discouraging if you cannot afford to make repairs that need to be made.

Some Costs May Be Included

Depending on your arrangement, you might not have to pay for certain things. The rubbish may be removed for free, for example. You may get free water or heat. The cost of these things will just be added to the one bill that you have to pay every month. This can save you a lot of money. Even if you end up paying the same amount, it will be easier to remember to make the one payment than it would be to remember multiple payments.

You Have More Locations To Choose From

Finally, one of the benefits of renting over buying a flat is that you can often live in places where you could not afford to buy a home. You can just rent the upper level. Getting a single apartment is cheaper than buying an entire home in many cases. You will be able to live in places where the homes cost quite a lot of money. This gives you many more options. You can be sure that you will get to live where you actually want to live in the end.

Expenses and hazards

Having an own house involves lots of expenses and hazards. You have to be responsible for every big and small expenditure of the house. You need to take care of the place and its surroundings every moment, which you can avoid in a rented property. In case you have an apartment for rent you just need to pay a monthly charge for rent and nothing more than that. Your landlord will be responsible for all the other hazards. You do not need to maintain the garden area or the lawn, which is troublesome and expensive as well.

Maintenance and Workload

One fine morning you find a leakage at your bathroom's pipeline. If it is your own house then you need to call the plumber and wait until he comes and sort it out. You may take a leave from your office for that reason. On the other hand, if you are staying in a rented apartment, all you need to do is to call the property owner and ask him to take care of the situation. That is the reason going for an apartment for rent is always better than buying one.


In our today's hectic lifestyle our jobs are not secure and constant. You may get a letter of transfer from your company anytime. Or you may get a better job offer from a big company in any other city. In such cases, you need to leave your house and go there. Having a rented house will make your job easier. You just need to inform your landlord about your decision and move on. With your own house, you cannot take the decision so smoothly since you need to think about your property and make sure that it will be in good condition when you are not in the city. Having an apartment for rent will allow you to move any other city easily.

Taxes and Liabilities

Another obvious benefit of renting that you do not have to pay real estate taxes. Real estate taxes may be a huge load for some people and vary from one country to another. Although property tax taxes can be a difficult procedure, they are mostly determined based on the estimated value of your home. With a big house, larger property taxes can be a huge pain and weight and pain on your head. Another benefit to renting is that you will not have to pay homeowners' insurance. Some landlords can you buy renters' insurance, but that is in most cases much cheaper than if you own the property. Insurance for homeowners' is built into the mortgage payment; so many homeowners don't even realize how much they pay each month. This adds up and it is a cost you will not have to worry about if you are renting.

Renting provides you freedom of time to do what you want without having to worry about care and maintenance to your apartment. All of these things are paid for and handled by your landlord. There are some instances when absentee landlords may cause you problems, that is why it is vital to do ask for references and do your research before renting an apartment. However, if you do your research ahead of time and work with a good landlord, you will have nothing to worry about. You will enjoy all the freedom without any care in the world.

So, please choose wisely! Make a decision. :) 

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  1. I'm currently staying in a rented house with my husband. Could not afford to buy a house yet. InshaAllah, we will have one some day :)

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